Privacy Policy


Getting Started

We are able to create your formal patent drawings by using hand drawn sketches, photographs, engineering drawings, prototypes, or samples. 

To assist us in fully understanding every aspect of your invention, a copy of the disclosure document or the patent application will be helpful. 

If you have submitted drawings to the USPTO and they were rejected, you will receive PTO-948 or an examiner’s action notes stating why your drawings are non-compliant with the PTO regulations. By providing us with these documents, we will make sure your drawings are corrected and in compliance with PTO guidelines.

Upon request, a signed confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement can be provided before any proprietary information or material is shared.  This legal document is a contractual agreement between both parties that requires any information exchanged between the parties to be held as strictly confidential.

Protecting your privacy is extremely important to Klatt Design.  We take confidentiality and protecting your sensitive information very seriously.  Any documents and product information that you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.

Confidentiality Agreement